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Eden Alternative

Purpose, Connection, Empowerment and Possibility

Welcome to Airdrie Care Community, where we prioritize not just care, but connection. As families navigate the journey of finding the ideal home for their beloved family members, we understand the importance of a nurturing environment that fosters genuine relationships and meaningful experiences. That’s why we proudly embrace the Eden Alternative®—a philosophy that redefines the traditional approach to eldercare.

The Eden Alternative® is not just a model; it’s a way of life within our community. At Airdrie Care Community, we believe that every individual, regardless of age or ability, deserves a life filled with purpose, joy, and dignity. The Eden Alternative® emphasizes this belief by creating environments where residents actively participate in decision-making, engage in meaningful activities, and form deep connections with others.

What sets the Eden Alternative® apart is its holistic approach to care. Rather than focusing solely on physical needs, we understand the importance of addressing emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. By integrating plants, animals, and intergenerational interactions into daily life, we create an environment with the comforts and feel of home —a place where seniors can thrive, and families can find peace of mind.

At Airdrie Care Community, we invite families to join us in embracing the Eden Alternative® philosophy. Together, we can create a community where every individual is valued, respected, and empowered to live their best life. Join us on this journey of connection, compassion, and care.

Eden Moments at Airdrie Care Community

The Eden philosophy endeavors to create moments of joy in the lives of our resident Care Partners. Our resident Care Partners have a rich daily experience through companionship; opportunities to feel useful and valued; and connections to nature, animals, and children.

Eden Moments capture the experiences of our residents lived through the Eden principles.

Below are some recent Eden Moments from our Care Community. We hope you enjoy them as much as our resident and staff Care Partners did!

Suddenly Snowballs

While Recreation Aide Angela Passmore was busy with a new game called Ball Smash on the 3rd floor of Airdrie Care Community, Recreation Aide Jill Cucheron was on the first floor having a snowball fight with shower pouffes.

The snowball fight participants and Jill decided to have a little fun and ambush the 3rd floor program into a ‘real’ snowball fight! On the elevator up all were giggling and loading up their arms and walkers with pouffes.

Then they snuck around the corner then WHAMO!!! The battle only lasted a short time, but it was a blast for visiting family, care partners and of course, the residents! 

This was an exciting way to experience Eden Principle #5 which states “We thrive when we have variety, spontaneity, and unexpected happenings in our lives. This is the antidote to boredom.”

Baking Some Cupcakes

Airdrie Care Community gathered residents in the kitchen to whip up a batch of cupcakes. Nothing beats gathering around the dining room table for an afternoon of decorating and taste testing.

Baking brings a lot of therapeutic benefits to our community; socially by gathering all together; physically by the mixing of all ingredients; cognitively by measuring ingredients and following the recipe; and emotionally by having a good laugh together. The residents cooled the cupcakes by all waving our arms over them!

During the activity, we also had a hygiene talk by our awesome resident who was a Master Chef. Cooking programs are always a big hit at Airdrie Care Community as we always enjoy the end results.

Baking programs have been an effective way to demonstrate Eden Principle #6. Meaning is unique to each of us and is essential to health and well-being. Gathering and baking our cupcakes gives everyone a sense of accomplishment and enjoy a boost of feeling valuable.